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On Tuesday the 30th of September 2008, Czech Radio will begin broadcasting seven programmes using a common digital public-service TV network. From then on, listeners will be able to tune in to Czech Radio stations in digital quality broadcast from major transmitters in South Bohemia (Klet), West Bohemia (Krasov), and Prague (Cukrak).

Czech Television and Czech Radio will broadcast using their own network, comprising of the following transmitters: Plzen - Krasov (channel 34), Ceské Budejovice - Klet (channel 49), and Prague/Central Bohemia - Cukrak (channel 53). Before the end of October, the new network will begin transmitting, on new frequencies, to the areas that are currently covered by the temporary Network A, i.e. Northern Bohemia, the Domazlice region, Brno region, Ostrava region and in Prague (the Zizkov transmitter). After that, half of the Czech population will be able to listen to all of the Czech Radio stations, including the digital ones, over the TV network. Czech Radio operates seven stations: Czech Radio 1 - Radiozurnal; Czech Radio 2 - Praha; Czech Radio 3 - Vltava; Czech Radio 4 - Radio Wave; Czech Radio Radio Cesko; Czech Radio Leonardo; and Czech Radio D-Dur. These last four were established especially for digital broadcasting. They are aimed, respectively, at young listeners, those who want to listen to a round-the-clock stream of news, listeners interested in science and technology, and music lovers who want to enjoy classical music uninterrupted by spoken word.

In order to tune in to the digital broadcasting from the DVB-T system, listeners need either a set-top-box, a TV set with a DVB-T tuner, or another device capable of receiving the DVB-T signal (e.g. a portable receiver) with a suitable aerial. To fully appreciate the quality of digital radio broadcasting, it is recommended to attach the receiver to an amplifier with loudspeakers.

The launch of the digital broadcasting of Czech Radio through the TV network does not mean that Czech Radio is switching off its analogue broadcasting on AM and FM. Such a step is not planned in Europe until after 2020 at the earliest, with each country making its own decision. By the end of 2008, the joint Czech TV and Czech Radio network should include the following transmitters: Plzen - Krasov, Ceské Budejovice - Klet, Cheb - Zelena hora, Prague/Central Bohemia - Cukrak, Prague - city, Domazlice-Vrani vrch, Brno - Hady, Brno - city, Ostrava-Slezska Ostrava, Usti nad Labem - Bukova hora, and Susice - Svatobor. Other transmitters to be added to the network will be situated in: north-western Bohemia (Jachymov, Chomutov) in January 2009; Vysocina (Jihlava) in July; central and northern Bohemia (Votice, Liberec, respectively) in August; north-eastern Bohemia (Trutnov) in October; and south Moravia (Brno-Kojal) in December. The rest of the country will be covered by the public-service digital network until October 2010.

For more information about radio broadcasting in DVB-T, a list of suitable receivers, and a map of coverage visit

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